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The Vanson Quickson range of Pantone® offset litho inks, have proved to be a major focus for Van Son, who also want printers to know that they provide an excellent technical support service for all of the company’s products and invite them to contact Mayday Graphic Products or Vanson to find out about the full range of benefits Van Son products provide. 

• Stays open in the ink duct overnight, low tack, prints in accordance with ISO 12647-2
• Suitable for all straight and perfecting sheet fed offset presses and in particular B2, B1 and larger format multi-colour presses
• Vegetable based low VOC ink, can be used with and without IPA and IPA substitutes
• Works well in combination with infra-red drying units, offering an even faster setting and drying
• Suitable for a wide range of finishing applications, such as UV varnish, aqueous coating, foil and lamination
• Full range of Quickson Series PANTONE Basic Colours available from stock, compatible with Quickson SUPREME

Looking for Van Son:- Rubber Base - Quickson Perfect - Quickson Supreme - Quickson Pantone -  Vs5 - Metallic or Pantone Fluorescent inks.

If you have a technical question about Van Son inks our Pressroom Specialist, Clive maybe able to help, contact him directly on: 07557 281 479.
Please note: the colour chart is for visual purposes and should not be relied upon as a true colour representation of the ink.

Quickson Pantone Series - 1kg Vacuum tins except Opaque White 1.5Kg (prices per tin).

 Van Son Quickson Inks - Pantone

Code Product Name




Weight Price

VS91100 Pantone® Yellow

Van Son Pantone Yellow ink 1kg tin



1kg £7.09    
VS91101 Pantone® Warm Red

Van Son Pantone Warm Red ink 1kg tin



1kg £8.59    
VS91102 Pantone® Rubine Red

Van Son Van Son Pantone Rubine Red ink 1kg tin



1kg £7.82    
VS91103 Pantone® Rhodamine Red

Van Son Pantone Rhodamine Red ink 1kg tin



1kg £18.99    
VS91104 Pantone® Purple

Van Son Pantone Purple ink 1kg tin



1kg £15.98    
VS91105 Pantone® Reflex Blue

Van Son Pantone Reflex Blue ink 1kg tin



1kg £9.20    
VS91106 Pantone® Process Blue

Van Son Pantone Process Blue ink 1kg tin



1kg £7.19    
VS91107 Pantone® Green

Van Son Pantone Green ink 1kg tin



1kg £8.39    
VS91108 Pantone® Transparent White

Van Son Pantone Transparent White ink 1kg tin



1kg £5.84    
VS91109 Pantone® Black

Van Son Pantone Black ink 1kg tin



1kg £6.28    
VS91110 Pantone® Violet

Van Son Pantone Violet ink 1kg tin



1kg £17.39    
VS91112 Pantone® Yellow 012

Van Son Pantone 012 Yellow ink 1kg tin



1kg £7.55    
VS91113 Pantone® Orange 021

Van Son Pantone 021 Orange ink 1kg tin



1kg £9.22    
VS91114 Pantone® Red 032

Van Son Pantone 032 Red ink 1kg tin



1kg £12.22    
VS91115 Pantone® Blue 072

Van Son Pantone Blue ink 1kg tin



1kg £17.28    
VS91111 Opaque White - 1.5kg tin

Van Son Pantone Opaque White ink 1.5kg tin



1.5kg £13.90    
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